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Senior Pet – Taking Care Of A Senior Dogs During The Summer Heat


Most dog owners want what is best for their best friend, and that includes giving them healthy meals, a good bed, playtime and exercise, but not every owner knows the dangers of heat stroke. Heat stroke in dogs is a killer, and believe it or not thousands of owners lose their best friends each

Pet Care: Mosquitoes and heartworms


With all the heavy rain and now the humid heat the mosquitoes are out in force.  Our fur babies are at a high risk for heart worms from mosquito bites.  It is VERY important to keep them on heart-worm prevention ALL the time.  Even if your fur baby is " an in door dog

Spring and Fur Babies


Happy Spring to all my pet parents and their fur babies.  Even though we had an early Easter all of the different lilies are still blooming.  Remember there are a lot of toxic flowers and ornamentals that grow in the yard.  Even if you do not have any be aware of the flowers in

This Holiday Season


The holiday season has approached, this is a time to look back over the year and remember our loved fur babies that have gone to the rainbow bridge. To all the pet parents that have lost a fur baby please know that I am sending thoughts of peace your way as we continue

Pet Care: Chocolate and your Pet


February is among us and love is in the air, also the smell of chocolate,  make sure to keep the delicious treat away from your fur babies.  As you know it can be toxic. Please post any home made pet safe treat recipes that you may have Happy Valentines Day

Pet Parents and Fur Babies: Happy 2016!


Happy 2016 to all the pet parents and fur babies. As the calendar turns, the temperature drops. Please be cautious of keeping your fur baby safe and warm this winter. Make sure they are out of the weather in the evenings, also check water dishes to make sure the water is not frozen. For

Pet Stress: Sometimes the holiday season can get stressful


Sometimes the holiday season can get stressful and put your lead to pet stress. Keep in mind our fur babies are precious gifts from God, all ways loyal, and forgiving. When the day is long and stressful, and you are tired. Just go love on your fur baby for a few minuets, the stress

Spring and Pollen


Click edit button to change this text.Spring is in the air and so is the pollen. Make sure to keep an eye on your fur babies for signs of allergies. Some things to look for are: Runny eyes, scratching, licking at the body, rubbing face on the ground or with their paws, sneezing, shaking