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Pain Management For Terminally Ill And Senior Dogs


Most pet owners that have had the pleasure of spending many wonderful years with their best friend will tell you how sad, and hurtful it can be when they are diagnosed with a terminally ill condition. We all know that sooner, or later our pet is going to reach the end of his life,

Obesity In Older Dogs: Things To Know


Things To Know Regarding Obesity In Older Dogs Obesity in older dogs is an increasing problem for many dog owners, and although sometimes it is caused by a health condition, many times it is something simple, like diet. In fact, in a recent study it showed that over 50% of dogs are overweight to

Pet Care: Chocolate and your Pet


February is among us and love is in the air, also the smell of chocolate,  make sure to keep the delicious treat away from your fur babies.  As you know it can be toxic. Please post any home made pet safe treat recipes that you may have Happy Valentines Day

Pet Stress: Sometimes the holiday season can get stressful


Sometimes the holiday season can get stressful and put your lead to pet stress. Keep in mind our fur babies are precious gifts from God, all ways loyal, and forgiving. When the day is long and stressful, and you are tired. Just go love on your fur baby for a few minuets, the stress