Senior Dogs

Proper Nutrition For Older Dogs


As our dogs age, they become slower, and this is not unusual, but their nutrition needs have to change also. Having said that, feeding our dogs the same food since they were adults has become a habit, but now that they are in their senior years, we should start to look at the proper nutrition

Summer Activities For Your Senior Dog


For those of us with senior dogs, we know that our best friend has had to start taking it a bit easier than when he was younger. Moreover, he may have some senior conditions too, like arthritis, which will slow him down even more, but there are still some activities your senior pet can

Common Problems For Senior Pets


As our senior pets age, just like us they will find it harder to fight off infections, and their immune system will not be as good as it used to be, and they will also develop some health conditions. Having said that, it can be easy to put any changes in their behavior down

Keeping Your Senior Pet Comfortable During The Winter Months


Winter time can be harsh on both humans and animals, and although we can take medications, and wrap up warm our senior pets rely on us to look after them. Winter time is the time for joint pain, colds, sores, and worsening health conditions, but we can do a lot to help our senior

Comfort Products For Senior Dogs


We all want to make sure our senior dogs are healthy, and comfortable in their later years, and with many products that are out on the market today we can make their lives even more comfortable. Having said that, some products can even help prolong their life, especially if they suffer with certain conditions

The Importance Of Regular Check Ups For Senior Pets


For many pet owners it is difficult to tell if our pets are getting to the stage where they are slowing down because they are sick, or if it is just old age. To give you a good rule of thumb, a senior dog is around seven to eight years of age, and although

Making Senior Pets Comfortable In Their Last Year Of Their Lives


After spending more than a decade with our best friend, we know the inevitable is going to happen, but really don't want to think about it. However, we still want what is best for him, and it's still our job as a pet parent to take care of him the best we can and