Memorials at Paws at Peace

Memorials dedicated to all the beloved pets who have moved on to the rainbow bridge.


Rocky Thank you for all your love and affection, You had 15 amazing and happy years. You will forever be remembered.. I will miss not seeing you through our kitchen window every morning. Our Lion King has left his jungle. Rocky we love you and will

Ozzie a.k.a The oz boz

You were the best of the best, one dog for all other dogs to be measured to. You slipped away from us and we will never be the same. Thank you for all your love and affection. We have great memories of you and your sidekick Willie who went to the R

Harley Joe

Harley Joe (aka MoeJoe, Moe or MoeMoe) was a sweet boy- he happily dressed up for tea parties, let babies and puppies crawl all over him like he was the floor, loved car rides and following me around no matter what. He was gentle and kind, he was t


Our sweet precious Loki was with us for 17 years. She was born in January of 2000, in Phoenix AZ. She was a charmer, with her curly monkey tail, long eyelashes and demanding presence. She loved sitting on the lap of her favorite human, getting chin r


Dearest Bella- you were such a joyful, playful, loyal, and loving angel. You showered everyone you met with kisses and loved to play with your ball- for hours and hours you could play fetch. You loved your cookies and adored you mom! You never wanted


Bella was a sweet, gentle friendly girl with eyes that talked.She loved to play ball and her red frisbee had her love all over it. From the time she came into my life as a 6-week old brown baby, she was a loyal friend and companion. i will love you a


The unconditional love of our dog Sadie. We celebrate her 19 years of life. She was born in 1998 and was 2 years old when we rescued her. My husband Wes and I had not been dating long and we were discussing getting a dog. I said that if we get on

G Unit

Our whole family is going to miss the unconditional love, fierce protection, and many laughs that we have shared G. Thank you for a loyal 11 years. We love you baby and praise God for the blessing you were to our hearts!


If Nichole could write this to Dr. Kim, I know she would say....thank you so much for being such a caring, calming presence for me and my family.  Thank you for letting me rest, it's been a long 16 years and I'm tired and I'm hurting but my body wou


Gunner is a Old English Bulldog who spent his 11 years on this earth as a loyal companion. Gunner never failed to love ......from his friend a mini horse through several puppies he babysat and his very own cat. I miss you so much my friend.... Gu


Our dear Gracie passed in the most beautiful way, at home and surrounded by her favorite stuffed animals and on her bed with her favorite humans and Dr. Kim there. We rescued Gracie and she became our own "Princess" Grace! She loved to hike and swim


Dallas, you were such a huge part of our family.  We're feeling a little lost right without you.  It's hard to come home without you there to greet us with such love and happiness.  We have so many memories of you playing and showing us how smart


It was November 2005 when I first met your Mom. I remember at Christmas that year not knowing what type of gift to buy her since our relationship was just beginning. Then I recalled how much she loved animals and how much she missed her Baby. So I


Ainsley you were a good and faithful companion, friend and protector, I will always remember you with Joy!


Murphy my kind and gentle boy, you were a  faithful friend and companion for 12 years.  I will always remember you with great Joy!


Today we said goodbye to Isabela ("Poopy-Kitty"). Found abandoned in a park at 5 weeks old, she turned out to be the best, most non-cat-like cat, ever! She grew up with dogs and enjoyed messing with them (bopping them on the head or butt as they pass


Please check out "Samson the Vigilant Rance" Memorial on Facebook. Samson was a beautiful Fawn Great Dane who was the best friend and protector our family ever had. Join us in remember ing his wonderful life.. The day before he passed he insisted on


Cadillac Jack Daniels…you will be forever missed. You were the best dog I could have ever asked for.  Thank you so much for always being there for me and just wanting to lay on couch and just be next to me. I know your sister Candy and Ally are sa


Today marks 1 year our beautiful girl went to The Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much. She was our light! I am positive she is watching over us. We love you to the moon and back Brandi girl. -Todd and Heather Perry


Thank you, Dr. Kim Simpson for being there and helping us when we had to say goodbye to our precious Brutus.  On May 15, 2016 Brutus got to see his brother, Buster again.


Monday, February 22, 2016 Dearest Jet, Since the moment you first walked into my life and up those apartment stairs that October eve 2004, you have been the highpoint of my each and every day. You made me look forward to what awaited me after t


Thank you for all of your help and compassion in helping us deal with the transition for our beloved Riley. You made the most difficult time a little easier. My family is very grateful for your kindness. We will grieve for a long time, we do miss him


My family and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, support, and care on Moose's last day. You made a very difficult time for the family a little easier and did so in a beautiful way. We will never forget you and you


Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration last week when you helped Fidel pass. It was such a hard, hard day, and I so appreciate you. I also thank you for your follow up call to check on us. I was in West TX interring my mother who passe


Jessica has had bear since she was 8 years old,  Bear was 20 when he was helped to the rainbow bridge.   RIP Bear