Testimonials from Pet Parents

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Thank you so much for coming to our home to help our sweet Dallas in his greatest time of need. I was nervous before you arrived because, while we had done at-home euthanasia before, we had never met you. You helped us understand more about his cancer and how much it had progressed in such a short time since we learned of it. While my husband knew we were doing the right thing at the right time, I was questioning my decision. After you spoke with me, I knew it was the best thing for Dallas to let him go. You were so compassionate with us and Dallas. Your call the next day to check on us was unexpected but so very appreciated. We will miss him always but know his last moments were comfortable in his home surrounded by love, ours and yours.

Elga D

Dr. Simpson,

I’m so glad we found you! You helped make a difficult experience much easier to bear. I really appreciated your kind, calm and loving nature. You provide an amazing service. I will tell all the pet parents I know going through a similar situation about you. God bless you!

Warmest regards,

– Elga D

Paul K.

Words cannot express your compassion, professionalism and caring that you extended to me and Zeus today. I am at a loss for words at the way you handled a difficult situation with such dignity. You are truly an Angel. Zeus and I will be forever grateful. Please post on your testimonial page.
– Paul K.

Paul K.

Words cannot express your compassion, professionalism and caring that you extended to me and Zeus today. I am at a loss for words at the way you handled a difficult situation with such dignity. You are truly an Angel. Zeus and I will be forever grateful. Please post on your testimonial page.
– Paul K.

Kim M.

We recently lost our awesome Golden, Sophie. Dr. Simpson aided us in making Soph’s last time with us comfortable and peaceful. She was compassionate, patient, and thorough, explaining how she would be taking care of Sophie and ensuring that she would feel no pain and drift away. As difficult as it was, it was reassuring to be with her when she passed, knowing that she knew we were there. Highly recommend Dr. Simpson – she took great care of our girl and supported us during this time. She is quick to respond to messages and she called us the next day to check in. We can’t thank her enough.

– Kim M.

Susan and Rick

Thank you Dr. Simpson for your loving help to send Ozzie to the Rainbow Bridge. I know he is running, and swimming, doing all things he has not be able to do in a long time. Thank you for working with us and ALWAYS being there when we needed you. You gave Ozzie another year with us and we will be forever grateful.

– Susan and Rick

Erika & PJ G.

Over the past year we watched with heartbreak as our precious girl’s health and quality of life deteriorated. At the end we knew it was time to let her go. It was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever had to do. We were so grateful to have found Dr. Kim. She was so kind, knowledgeable and empathetic. She answered all of our questions and treated Loki with dignity and respect. Going through this was not easy, but being able to let Loki pass peacefully at home, in her safe space, surrounded by love was the kindest way to let her leave this world. Dr. Kim, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

– Erika & PJ G.


Thank you so much for your care and compassion. Molly passed so peacefully in the yard she loved.
The blessing and the plaster paw print were very nice and added much to our experience.
I will recommend Paws at Peace

– Terri

Cheryl B.

Thank you for helping Tanner’s soul go to Heaven on 12-11-16. Your kindness and comfort did not go unnoticed and was seriously deeply appreciated. I left you the following review on Yelp:

No one likes to make the decision to say goodbye to a beloved pet who is a family member, but it’s the most selfless thing a pet parent can do when their senior dog’s body is shutting down and he’s showing pain despite effort to control and suppress it. I cannot express how comforting it was to have Dr. Simpson come to my home and peacefully send my 14 year old golden retriever to Heaven, taking him from his pain and making his old body new again. I am so grateful she has chosen this as her profession. My golden boy had been a part of my life since he was 6 weeks old and we had the strongest bond. Hardest decision to make in my life, but I’m glad I was led to find Dr. Simpson and she was able, willing, and unrushed to drive across DFW to assist him before driving back the opposite direction for another family. From her gentle nature to her understanding and even a follow up call the next day to check on my well-being made it a comforting and reassuring decision that I had chosen the right person to make my best friend’s transition easier and leave me without regrets. He looked so peaceful and pain-free in his final moments. His soul is in Heaven and his paw prints remain deeply embedded in my heart forever. Thank you Dr. Simpson for helping him. He will be missed.

I would also like to add that your holiday card was so beautiful too. I definitely intend to hold onto it as it brings comfort to see the reflective paw print design.

Tanner will certainly be missed by many. He was not only my best friend, but a volunteer at the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, a retired member of 4 Dog Flight flyball team, a well know member in our community through his involvement with my martial arts school, and through his many community service projects as a very active and decorated Dog Scout with DSA Troop 119. He most recently was selected as the Cover Photo for the Doo The Right Thing 2017 Calendar sponsored by the North Central Texas Council of Governments http://www.nctcog.org/envir/SEEclean/stormwater/program-areas/public_education/pet-DOO.asp

He set a good example and brought smiles to a lot of faces in his 14 years.

Thank you for bringing comfort to his final moments on earth.

– Cheryl B.

Jane H.

My sweet boxer Dixie, 10 years old, recently became gravely ill. She went downhill fast, and the decision to find and contact a pet hospice was traumatic for me. Dr. Simpson answered the phone on a Sunday evening and gave me her next available appointment, Monday morning. Dixie didn’t wait and passed away late Sunday night. Dr. Simpson called me Monday morning and came as soon as possible, a little earlier than the appointment time. I was so sad and emotional, but Dr. Simpson felt like a friend who was there for me on the phone and in person. She had a beautiful dog bed with a comfy warm blanket all set up in the back of the van, and lovingly placed Dixie in the bed. My last view of my dear boxer was her laying in the bed for her last trip in a car, and she looked peaceful and comfortable. I highly recommend this wonderful hospice vet for anyone with fur babies in need. i have an elderly cat who will need Dr. Simpson one day, and knowing she’s available is very comforting. Thanks, Dr. Simpson.

– Jane H.