Testimonials from Pet Parents

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Hi Kim,
I just wanted to thank you again, so much, for the care and grace in which you handled Fibi (and me) a few weeks ago. I have told everyone about you including my vet (who doesn’t provide those services anymore). I hope you are doing well and I know you are helping families like you helped me. I won’t ever forget what you did for us.
Kindest regards,



Dr Kim.

Thanks for all the help with Hildie. We appreciate your patience and caring in dealing with Hildie’s last day.
Here are some pics from better times.



Tim, Deb and Rooi

Dr Kim Simpson,

Thank you for being there for us on Rosie’s last day. We really appreciated your support and the thoughtful way that you approached what was a difficult time for all of us.

Rosie was a gentle soul who thought everyone should be her friend. Walks were an excuse to sniff, snack and say hello rather than for the exercise they may have provided. She was never far away, especially when something was happening in the kitchen and could be relied on to try and clean up any morsels that may have fallen on the floor. At other times she was snoozing in the sun, keeping an eye on what was happening outside the front window or playing with her toys. Rosie we will miss your quiet companionship and exuberant play. May you rest in peace.

Tim, Deb and Rooi

LeeAnn Fine

Hi Kim,
hank you for everything. Your kindness, care, and help through this difficult time has been greatly appreciated and we will never forget you.
We’ve had animals put down before but you made this time not only very special, but a little easier as well. Thank you for that and the love that you have shown to both Blue and our family.

God Bless


-LeeAnn Fine

Shanna Wiley & Family

Sadie was the smartest dog I have ever had! She loved to swim. She would run and dive into the water while catching a football, baseball, or anything else you would throw as she splashed into the water. She had such great spirit, but she would also just sit with you just to be near you. She loved us just as much as we loved her. She will be greatly missed. Thank you for taking such good care of her and helping her pass peacefully in my arms at her own home.
-Shanna Wiley & Family

Keith Smith

Dr. Kim,
Thank you so very much for your kind and gentle treatment of Kia and myself today.
Your gift of being both compassionate and professional reflect true character.
-Keith Smith

Tony Portolano

Hello Dr Simpson

I got your message Saturday and wanted to circle back and let you know we are all doing well on this end. We spent the weekend talking about all of the joy, love and companionship that Sammy brought to the family and that tremendously helped the healing process.

I wanted to personally thank you for being so kind and gentle with Sammy and me; for that matter. It proved to be a painful experience and your great bedside manner was helpful getting me through it knowing that Sammy is no longer suffering and moved onto a better place. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks…


– Tony Portolano

Diane Pate

Hello Dr. Simpson,

I just want to Thank you so much for making Hannah’s passing so peaceful and caring. You made a very difficult time for me much easier seeing how you took such good care of Hannah.

Thank you again,

– Diane Pate

Nancy Doerr

Dr. Simpson,

I just learned from Diane that Lizzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She had nothing but praise for you and your practice.
Thank you so much for making Lizzie’s crossing so peaceful and allowing Bob and Diane to be at peace with their decision. They loved her so much.
You were a blessing to them at the most difficult of times.

Again, thank you.

Warm regard,
– Nancy Doerr

Kathy Honaker

Molly loved the snow, walking in the woods, going to the river, fishing with her daddy and wrestling with her little brother, Winston.
Also wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. Your compassion helped us cope with an unbearable situation and made it a little easier to let her go.
Still miss that sweet face every stinkin’ day.

– Kathy Honaker