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We feel their pain as easy as they feel ours, and knowing when it’s time is never easy. We know it’s a difficult time for you and your family, but we’ll do our best to make it easier and help with this transition. Relieve your beloved pet’s suffering, and give them a peaceful passing they deserve at Paws at Peace Pet Hospice.

Paws at Peace Pet Hospice is the sanctuary owned and operated by veterinarian, Dr. Kim Simpson. After countless sessions behind closed doors between owners and their beloved pets, she realized

“There has to be a better way for both of them.”

And this drive to bond owners with their companions beyond time opened Paws at Peace Pet Hospice & Pet Euthanasia, available for everyone in search of lessening needless pain for them and yours.

Let’s talk about it together. Express more concerns while worrying less. Consider your options in a more comfortable setting as well as personalized answers to all your questions when it comes to considering your pet’s moving to greener pastures. There is always a silver lining after the storm, it doesn’t have to be an unbearable experience, enjoy your last moments together. Paws at Peace Pet Hospice and Pet Euthanasia will be there with you every step of the way.

They’ve been there to give you a smile when you’re down, and now it’s your pet’s turn. To feel is a personal, distinct affair, and it’s vital to entrust this intimate passing to someone who already understands your grief.

Dr. Simpson’s visit to your home ensures you’ll have more time with your pet during these troubling times and less of the pointless stress.


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