Dr. Kim Simpson

Dr. Kim Simpson graduated Texas A&M in 1996 with a doctorate in veterinary medicine. She began her career with an internship specializing in small animal medicine and surgery. Following her internship, she went into private practice as an associate with 2 other veterinarians. The next fifteen years brought invaluable knowledge and understanding while performing emergency medicine, and being on call for other veterinarians as the need arose. Her focus soon turned to helping alleviate the pain and discomfort in senior and terminally ill pets.

As a parent of a giant breed dog, a Great Dane, named Rayanna, Kim understand the complexities of dealing with large pets and the challenges they present. Car loading can be tiresome and stressful both on the pet and the pet parent, and it’s compounded when the pet has arthritis or car fear, is required to negotiate unlevel surfaces and stairs, or even if they are no longer able to walk without assistance.

Experienced in those trials firsthand, Kim shifted her concentration to hospice, senior and end of life care. Pet hospice is exactly what you would expect it to be a caring professional that comes to your home to alleviate your pet’s pain and hopefully make it easier for the pet parent during those senior and end of life times.

In Addition to Rayanna, Kim also shares her home with a Maincoon mix cat named Eli and six chickens, Martha, Bonnie Blue, Liberty, Rose Feather, Sophie and Pearl. An avid gardener, she also enjoys hiking, camping, and playing cards and board games with her friends and family.

If you have any question about our services or any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. It would be an honor to help you and your fur baby as you open the next chapter of your life.

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