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I found a female pit and her 2 pups yesterday and need to find a foster or new home for them ASAP and I have my own dogs and am not legally allowed to have a pit at my residence due to my lease contract. We live in Texas and many of the shelters/rescue groups here are overwhelmed with dogs from Hurricane Harvey.

Mother looks to be young judging by her physical health and her teeth. She is very timid and scared, but not the least bit aggressive. I was able to apply flea meds and give her a de-worming pill. I was even able to pick her up and put her in my car with no resistance. She appears to be okay with other dogs (tested through chain link fence) but barks as a warning to them when her puppies are near. I have yet to see any signs of aggression (snarling, growling, curled lip, lunging, nipping etc). All I have seen is excited barking. She shies away from human touch but with some patience and treats she will eventually let you put her and apply meds. I currently have an un-neutered male at my house so I have to keep her separate.

Her 2 babies are female and appear to be perhaps 12ish weeks old, they are happy wiggly things and are just precious. I also applied flea meds and gave de-worming pills, and will be bathing in the next few days. The belly bloat has already decreased significantly since giving de-worming meds.

I found them on my street and I suspect they've been on their own for a while, eating cat food and trash. I have them in my backyard but must find homes for them ASAP.

Please contact me with any help or recommendations ASAP.
Thank you!