Memorials at Paws at Peace


Calais Harris

Last Tuesday your beautiful team put mine and my dads bestest of friend to sleep ❤️ We love and miss… Read More “Calais Harris”

Kristy harris


Dr. Kim Simpson was gentle and wonderful with my beloved Mimi. She explained the entire process, step by step. THANK… Read More “Mimi”

Sonia Pena


Thank you Dr. Simpson for your kind, gentle and caring way with our kitty Pumpkin. We were struggling with our… Read More “Pumpkin”

Sabrina and Johnny Davis


Paws at Peace - Zappa

This sweet girl showed up on our back doorstep, curled up in a small cat carpeted play house we were… Read More “Zappa”

Lee Anne Hardie


Paws at Peace - Pet

Goodbye, sweet boy. We miss you already Wynton! Here is what we will always have: All of the tag, laser,… Read More “Wynton”

Charlsye Lewis


dog enjoy inside the car

Matty was apart of our family for almost 15 years. It will be hard not to hear his nails clicking… Read More “Matty”

Laci Moss


We are forever grateful for your kindness and compassion during this difficult transition. Almost worse than saying goodbye is deciding… Read More “Cowboy”

Mary Beth Hughes


Paws at Peace - Black Dog

My beloved pet Keeda my black lab went home to be with Jesus today and although she will be deeply… Read More “Keeda”

Dorothy Burross

Lady Chili Patou

lovel dog playing in grass

Thank you Dr. Simpson for providing such wonderful care for our beautiful sweet big girl, Lady Chili Patou. Our hearts… Read More “Lady Chili Patou”

Carla Adams-Cochran


happy dog look

Harriet came into our family as a sweet little puppy and has been a guardian to this house for over… Read More “Harriet”

BrYan Williams


Cute furry persian cat

Henry came to us 15 years ago. The day we buried our precious cat we had for 18 years, he… Read More “Henry”

Nancy Hill


dog with blue handkerchief

Dear Dr.Simpson, Mandy passed away this afternoon,We were on our way to her vet consult and she gently laid her… Read More “Mandy”

Shawn Hughes


Pass away Shana - Paws at Peace Pet Hospice Dallas

RIP SHANA 9/26/2006-11/26/2017 Shana loved to sleep in between us at night. Peanut Butter, waiting under Dad and Mom’s chair… Read More “Shana”

Jasmine and Daisy

Sweet sisters

Teri Spiegel


The loss of my almost 16 year old Maine Coon, Hoss, was almost more than I could bear. To be… Read More “Hoss”

Debra Tickle


Kali was such a sweet girl. Never jumped on anyone or bit them. She was such a gentle girl. She… Read More “Kali”

Sue Studebaker


ruby - Paws at Peace pet hospice

Yesterday we had to have our precious precious 11 year old golden retriever, Ruby, put to rest after her battle… Read More “Ruby”

Brenda and Tom

Ms. Harley

cat with green eating bowl

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 was a sad day for us. We put to sleep our beautiful, perfectly marked, 17-year-old tabby.… Read More “Ms. Harley”

Sue and John


dog with silver tag

Rocky Thank you for all your love and affection, You had 15 amazing and happy years. You will forever be… Read More “Rocky”



cat inside a carpet hole

Our sweet precious Loki was with us for 17 years. She was born in January of 2000, in Phoenix AZ.… Read More “Loki”


memorial default

The unconditional love of our dog Sadie. We celebrate her 19 years of life. She was born in 1998 and… Read More “Sadie”

G Unit

brown dog smiling

Our whole family is going to miss the unconditional love, fierce protection, and many laughs that we have shared G.… Read More “G Unit”


dog sitting on the lap of a human

If Nichole could write this to Dr. Kim, I know she would say….thank you so much for being such a… Read More “Nichole”


white bulldog looking outside

Gunner is a Old English Bulldog who spent his 11 years on this earth as a loyal companion. Gunner never… Read More “Gunner”


man and a child camping with dog

Our dear Gracie passed in the most beautiful way, at home and surrounded by her favorite stuffed animals and on… Read More “Gracie”


black dog smiling on a grass field

Dallas, you were such a huge part of our family. We’re feeling a little lost right without you. It’s hard… Read More “Dallas”


a dog poses between man and woman

It was November 2005 when I first met your Mom. I remember at Christmas that year not knowing what type… Read More “Sky”