Obesity In Dogs

Obesity in dogs is becoming alarmingly popular in recent years, and although an overweight dog may look funny or cute, the affects can be quite serious. For instance, an overweight dog, even mildly obese, can have many health problems, including breathing issues as well as problems with joints, muscles and even the digestive organs. Also, obese dogs can be more at risk for cancers, and it can even shorten his lifespan, so itís important to keep your dog to his normal weight throughout his life.

Causes Of Obesity

The most common cause of obesity is food intake, predominantly a dog taking in more food than his body can use in general every day activities. Feeding a dog the correct amount of food for his breed and weight is paramount to a healthy body. Moreover, this means keeping strictly to this and not giving him leftovers or extras just because he gives you those puppy eyes. Obesity can also be common as your dog gets older, due to less activity, so heís burning less calories and this can be corrected by altering his diet accordingly.

Treatment Of Obesity

Your vet will be able to show you how to easily, in most cases, control your dogs intake by altering his diet. Diet is usually changed to a higher protein diet and less fat, and portion size will play a big part in his diet change. By feeding a high protein and fiber diet, your dog will feel full for longer, and have more energy, increasing his willingness to exercise, because exercise along with diet will be key in keeping him at his ideal weight.

Finally, there are other causes of obesity, and they could be medical reasons, which is why it ís important to keep regular appointments with your vet. Some other common causes of obesity could be Hypothyroidism, Neutering, Hyperadrenocorticism, Insulinoma and more. Diet and exercise are the two most important components of keeping obesity down, and if itís a medical reason, there are steps you can take for that too, because keeping him at his ideal weight means that he will be around for a lot longer for you to enjoy.

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