Quality of Life Scale

Quality of Life Scale for your Fur Baby

We provide specialized type of care for them in all forms, body and soul. Managed by Dr. Kim Simpson, an experienced veterinarian in pet hospice and pet euthanasia, we can ensure you that we can help your pet with their quality of life even until their last moments.

Score each question on a scale of 0 – 5

0 = agree with statement (this describes my baby)


dog staring teary
hand answering a survey test

0 – 25 Quality of life is appears to be good. Medical intervention may not be needed.

25 – 50 Quality of life may be questionable. Hospice/Senior evaluation is recommended and medical intervention may be need

50 – 75 Quality of life is a concern. Hospice/Senior evaluation is strongly recommended and medical intervention will most likely be needed, and or discussion on end of life decision.

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