Summer Activities For Your Senior Dog

For those of us with senior dogs, we know that our best friend has had to start taking it a bit easier than when he was younger. Moreover, he may have some senior conditions too, like arthritis, which will slow him down even more, but there are still some activities your senior pet can do. Having said that, in this article today we will be looking at some summer activities for your senior dog, which won’t make him feel left out, and he may even enjoy them.

The condition of a senior dog can vary greatly from one dog to another, so it’s up to the individual owner to take the necessary precautions when selecting summer activities for him. However, even senior dogs with certain conditions can still get in some summer activities. For instance, a dog with arthritis may not be able to run so much anymore, but you can go through some basic training skills together. Keep in mind, that although this may sound strange, by still going through old tricks and commands that he knows still, it will help to create more of a bond between you two, because you are working and playing together.

Another great summer activity for senior dogs is a car ride, because many older dogs love to ride in the car, but you can also take him to a new place. Moreover, a new park or forest will make it more interesting for him and give him something new to explore, which may even allow him to stay out longer than usual. Exercise is still important, even for older dogs, because it keeps the muscles working and can help keep that excess weight off that so many older dogs accumulate.

One of the best summer activities for dogs of all ages is swimming, but it is especially good for older dogs, because it is easier on old bones and he still gets a good workout. That being said, small dogs can have a dip in the bathtub, or a paddling pool in the garden, while larger dogs may decide to join you for a swim in your local lake, if it is safe, and maybe there is a pool for dogs close by. Having said that, a nice trip to the beach is a great summer activity for your senior dog, because the sand is gentle on his paws, and he can even walk along the edge where the tide hits the sand if he doesn’t feel like swimming.

A day trip is a great activity for both you and your senior pet, especially if you take other members of the family too, because he will feel like he is still part of the family and that you involve him even on new outings. Picnics can be a whole day affair, and your senior pet will love the change, chasing a ball or disc, or just smelling new smells and exploring a new area, and walking or running on grass will be easier on his paws too. During the summer activities, and outings with your senior dog, be sure to take plenty of water and a water bowl, so he doesn’t dehydrate if it is humid or hot, and be sure to be watchful and keep in touch with his comfort zone.

There are many activities you and your senior dog can do, no matter what his limitations are, you just have to think a little more of what he can and cannot do and be prepared to call it a day if he’s had enough. Finally, you may want to consider using him as a therapy dog, especially if he is well behaved and a very social dog. Therapy dogs work very well for both your dog and patients whose faces seem to come alive when a dog walks in the room, so consider one of the summer activities for your senior dog that we have suggested here today, and you just may even notice a big difference in his zest for life.

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