Though our sweet, sweet Graycie is no longer on this specific plane of existence with us, she was truly the best cat that any of us have ever known or met. No one ever can or will take her place, but it is my sincere hope to once again meet another creature that has even a fraction of her magical qualities. Sweet and loving above all else, gentle, curious, funny, full of personality….Graycie was the best of everything. She had several aliases (Grayciekins, nosy Rosy, kittykins, kittykinsler, Sassafrass, fluff ‘n stuff, Graycie Rose Freebush, great white) and a beautiful voice (meow if you want to call it that). We love you forever, Graycie Rose, and will keep you in our hearts always. Thank you a million times over for blessing our lives so dearly; Mommy can’t wait to see you again one day.

A special thank you to Dr. Simpson for coming into our home so that Graycie didn’t have to go to the dreaded vet office on her final day here with us. It means so much.