Dear Kim,

I wanted to thank you for coming to help us with Gracie last Wednesday. I called you in my time of need…you responded and came when I really needed help. Even though we had never talked and didn’t know each other – I wanted you to know that your responding was a huge comfort at a time of grief and heartbreak.

When I saw that your specialty was for pet hospice and senior care, the term hospice hadn’t entered my mind – but it was exactly what I was trying to provide for Gracie. After trips/visits to the vet and not being able to determine what was wrong, I wanted her to be home with me, and I felt that was what Gracie wanted also. I wish that I had known about you and how you could’ve helped Gracie.
I am so Thankful that I found you and know that I will call you when I need help with George, my dog and Charlie my cat.

Thank you again for the work that you do and for your emotional support!

All the very best!