Dearest Jet,

Since the moment you first walked into my life and up those apartment stairs that October eve 2004, you have been the highpoint of my each and every day. You made me look forward to what awaited me after the workday was done. The anticipation of your happy tail wag and lively greeting played in my mind throughout the day. Throughout your life, despite your illness, you greeted me that way until the end. YOU, Jet, were always the sunshine in my life.

You demanded so little, yet gave so much. Looking back, I entrusted you with many heavy and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities. Guard the house, play tracking, herding, agility, obedience, and keeping me happy, day in and day out. You did all that and so much more.

I didn’t intend to fall so deeply, madly in love with you. But it happened and I am lost without your dedicated daily devotion. Our morning routines, our sweet good-byes “see you in a little bit. God watch over you.” I don’t know how long that little bit seemed to you, perhaps long, it was for me. But you were always with me in spirit, I know that, I hope you did too. You still are and always will be. You were the happy beats in my heart.

Your will and strength amazed me until the last breath. I know you would have stayed if you could, you never would leave me. You were determined to walk through life with me and you gave it your all. I felt it, I know it, I believe it.

When we meet again my darling Jet, and I know we will, I hope we can communicate on a level unknown on Earth. But for eternity, just sit close together. Close enough so I can once again take in the rich, earthy smell of your amazing black coat. Look into your gorgeous eyes and tell you how much you mean to me.

Always on my mind, forever in my heart.

All My Love,

Your devoted person