Our sweet precious Loki was with us for 17 years. She was born in January of 2000, in Phoenix AZ. She was a charmer, with her curly monkey tail, long eyelashes and demanding presence. She loved sitting on the lap of her favorite human, getting chin rubs and if you stopped petting her before she was ready, she would just head-butt your hand until you gave in and started petting her again. Her favorite toys were her tennis ball and her troll doll. She would hook a claw into her tennis ball, throw it up in the air and then run after it over and over again. She used to spend hours at the top of her cat tower watching the birds outside and chattering at them. Every time we vacuumed the house, she would sit on her ottoman and complain until we put ‘her’ attachment onto the vacuum cleaner and gave her a little vacuuming. She was our funny, quirky, little monkey-tailed girl and we loved her so much. She will be sorely missed and will always have a piece of our hearts. Blessed be little one.
– Erika & PJ G