My family and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, support, and care on Moose’s last day. You made a very difficult time for the family a little easier and did so in a beautiful way. We will never forget you and your professionalism and compassion.

Moose was the best dog we have ever had. He spent most of his days poolside sunbathing and enjoying the company of friends and family. He loved to take dips in his pool and submerge like a hippopota”moose” to cool off in the Texas weather. He had such a great spirit and loved everyone as much as everyone loved him. His way of showing his love was to slime people with his slobbery jaws lol. Moose had the biggest head but also had the biggest heart. We miss the heck out of you big guy!

– Megan & the Seiler family