The unconditional love of our dog Sadie. We celebrate her 19 years of life. She was born in 1998 and was 2 years old when we rescued her. My husband Wes and I had not been dating long and we were discussing getting a dog. I said that if we get one, I would like to have a Siberian Husky. one week later at my work place I had just began my new job as receptionist for a Fee attorney’s office and low and behold she showed up at the front door our business. Looking through the glass at me was a beautiful brown and white husky with turquoise eyes. I tried to find the original owners for 6 wks, but to no avail. I knew she was a gift from God and she was perfectly made for our family. Three weeks later we were the proud parents of 8 husky/ Rottweiler puppies. They all had crystal blue eyes and a husky tail; the rest was Rottweiler. It sounds like a strange combination, but they were precious. Everywhere I took Sadie they would call her the angel dog. But when I took her for walks everyone would get out of our way, because they thought she was a wolf. We had them fooled didn’t we Sadie! Her favorite movie was Snow Dogs, her favorite food was bread; she was a carbolic like me. We had a stable where we boarded our horses and I took Sadie for the first time. There was a cat that had a litter and when I went to check on her the kittens were crawling all over her. She just lay there as regal as ever as if this were just an everyday moment. I could fill a book with Sadie moments. She left a almost twenty year legacy of memories, including her bittersweet departure. She got so many kisses and I love you; enough to last an eternity. Other than God, there is no love that you can share than the unconditional love of a pet. Sadie is a household word under our roof. We love you Sadie Bear, but now you will eat at the table Of Jesus Himself. This is comforting to us. Thank you Dr. Simpson for being there for her last moments and for a peaceful departure from this life to the next. God bless you! Brenda and Wes, the proud parents of Sadie Wessels.