RIP SHANA 9/26/2006-11/26/2017

  1. Shana loved to sleep in between us at night.
  2. Peanut Butter, waiting under Dad and Mom’s chair for Granola on Saturday, Eggs on Sunday, Turkey on Thanksgiving, and “COOKIES” anytime.
  3. Loved her walk with Daddy on Saturday and Sunday Morning
  4. Friendly to all the other dogs except Roseanne’s dog.
  5. Shana had a jeweled collar and purple leash. She knew she was pretty and special.
  6. She was amazingly fast with long legs and couldn’t be caught with Kleenex or Qtips.
  7. Shana loved the back deck and yard and hated any squirrels that happened bye.
  8. Shana loved under the bed on my side and hiding in our closet.
  9. Shana loved to ride in the car and especially get her hair done at Glamour Paws.
  10. Shana was a great patient at the Vet or with Dr Kim and always took her Meds.
  11. Shana would get in her cage all you needed was treats.
  12. Shana had 2 families and spent many nights at Camp Elida.