It was November 2005 when I first met your Mom. I remember at Christmas that year not knowing what type of gift to buy her since our relationship was just beginning. Then I recalled how much she loved animals and how much she missed her Baby. So I purchased dog food, treats and towels for her to donate to a shelter.

Although we quit seeing each other right after that Christmas I never forgot about her. So a few months later we reconnected and by August 2006 your Mom moved in with me. We had such a big yard and she wanted nothing more than to get a dog to enjoy it with us.

So one Saturday in September we set out to find you . But it was at the PetSmart where you found us. As we approached you jumped up with your front legs hanging over the pen saying”get me outta here”. It worked and a bit later we brought you home. I wasn’t sure how you would do in the truck so I made you ride in the back, your Mom has never let me forget that. Little did I know just how much things were going to change when we got home. I never had a indoor dog but there was no way your Mom was having you stay outside.

Well, my allergies went crazy and I went almost a year without a good nights sleep. Started taking allergy shots in March 2007 and still do to this day. Have driven many miles to get those shots but I wouldn’t change a single one. Life is always changing and ours did too. But what didn’t change was your Mom still loving you. You gave me a reason to come home when I didn’t have one. You loved me when I didn’t probably deserve it.

Today we are with you to say we love you and to let you know how much we will miss you. We will always remember our times together and the happiness you gave us. We hope that your time with us was just as happy and one day we will see each other again.
We love you