Tips For Traveling With Your Pet At Christmas

Many pet owners, especially first time pet owners, would like to consider taking their pets with them at Christmas, but may not know where to start. This leads to them hiring a professional pet sitter, which can cost a pretty penny, or putting them into kennels for a week or two, which can lead to other problems when you get back home. We will discuss some tips for traveling with your pet this Christmas, whether it be a road trip or something more luxurious, so that you, and your pet get the most out of your vacation.

Probably the main reasons for pet owners not taking their pets with them at Christmas time is, because they think it may be a lot of hassle, and they haven’t researched about it, or they have just been misinformed. The fact is that many pets are really a member of the family, and should be considered when going on vacation, and you’re not as limited as you may think about where you can go. Hotels now have pet friendly rooms, as do many resorts, and many owners choose to rent homes instead of booking a hotel when traveling with their pets.

Preparation is key when traveling with your pet at Christmas time, and a little bit of knowledge can cut the stress down dramatically, like making sure your pet is chipped with identification. Depending on the country you live in, your dog may need a passport, depending on where you are traveling, but even so be sure he has plenty of identification, just in case he wanders off. Taking any medication your pet may need is essential too, and a good sized pet cage, or crate that he has been comfortable with because he may need to spend some time in it.

Making sure he has some favorite toys when he is in his crate, or a favorite blanket that will help him be less stressful, especially if on a flight. In addition, be sure that he is up to date on his inoculations, as some countries will not let you in with a pet unless you can prove this. Therefore, be sure to take any paperwork with you associated with this, especially rabies shots. When traveling with your pet at Christmas time be sure to take a good water bowl, and plenty of water, especially if it is a road trip as you never know how far it will be before the next pit stop.

Leaving your pet at a kennel can end up costing you more in the long run, and you also run the risk of him becoming sick, distressed, or being scared all the time you are away due to other pets in the facility. Moreover, leaving him with a pet sitter means giving access to your home to a stranger, and although they may be a professional things can get misplaced, and doors can be left unlocked by mistake. You wouldn’t leave a child behind when going on holiday, so why leave your pet behind? after all, he is one of the family.

Of course, there are some vacations it is probably not wise to take a pet along, but many owners are choosing holidays based around the whole family, taking their pets into consideration also. Having said that, even though their destination may change to accommodate their pet, it doesn’t mean it will be any less exciting, and in many cases a change can lead to even more fun and enjoyment. When taking a pet along on your next Christmas trip, it’s just like preparing for yourself, be sure you have ID, food, water, some toys to keep him occupied, and feel at home even while he’s away with you, and a nice warm blanket too.

When booking hotels, research, and phone ahead of time to be sure they have pet friendly rooms, and what they actually offer. Ask about other facilities regarding pets, like do they have a dog walking service, or if they have off lead areas in, or around the grounds, and also ask about hidden fees. Finally, with a little research, and preparation, along with asking plenty of questions when booking it will ensure you all enjoy your Christmas holiday, including your best friend who will be, so pleased you took him along this time.

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