Traveling With Your Pets

When traveling with your pets there are a lot of things to take into consideration, although over the last few years it has become much easier to travel with your pets than it used to be. Moreover, there are different things to consider depending on the traveling your are doing, whether it be flying, traveling by car or boat, or some other means of travel. Having said that, here in this article we will be looking at some of the things that are easily overlooked when traveling with your pets, and a checklist to make it easier to prepare for.

Many people are deciding to take their pets with them now when going on vacation, a road trip or even a flight abroad, probably because the cost of boarding kennels, and the risk make it a more viable option to take them along. Moreover, there are more and more places that are allowing pets in their establishments, including hotels, motels, campsites and trailer parks. However, there are a lot of things to consider and it is wise to prepare ahead of time so things run smoothly when it comes time to depart for your travel.

Traveling By Car

When traveling by car with your pet, your pet shouldn’t be allowed to roam free in the car, this can lead to accidents and distract the driver. Therefore, your dog should always travel in a crate and be fastened in place, and although seat belts and harnesses will stop them from roaming, they haven’t been very reliable when it comes to accidents. Moreover, although we think it’s cute to see a dog with his head out the window, this is never recommended, as they can get debris in their eyes or become sick from having forced air into their lungs.

Traveling by car can be fun, especially when taking your pet along, but plan ahead before you leave, as you want to make sure there are plenty of rest stops along the way. In addition, be sure to give your pet plenty of water breaks, and allow them out of the car every two hours for a potty break where possible. If you are traveling across state lines, you should keep all paperwork at hand to show your pet is up to date on vaccinations, rabies shots and preventative medicines, to show he or she is healthy if an inspection is needed at some point.

Traveling By Air

When traveling by air, you should check with all the places you are going to be using to make sure you have everything in order before you leave with your pet. Depending on where you are traveling you may need extra vaccinations, pet passports and specific crates for your pet, depending on size and breed of the pet. However, it is not recommended to take dogs that have breathing difficulties on flights, like the Bulldog or Pug as they may be at risk if there are low levels of oxygen during the flight.

Furthermore, ask lots of questions before leaving to be sure you are satisfied your pet is going to be taken care of, especially if he is going to be in the cargo section of the plane. Small pets may be allowed to travel in the cabin with you, and there may be requirements with different airlines as to the size of crate and type used. Try to book a flight with the least amount of stopovers, and be sure to put some favorite things in the crate as well as something with your scent on it to make your pet feel secure while traveling.

Checklist For Traveling With You Pet

  • Research the countries pet import requirements.
  • Be sure to microchip your pet before travel with up to date information.
  • Check your destination country for quarantine laws.
  • Check for correct type and size of crate for your type of pet.
  • Visit your vet before leaving and verify all shots are up to date, especially rabies.
  • Check ahead of time on airline routes, pet friendly hotels or other places you may stay.
  • Don’t forget your pet supplies, leash, name tag with phone number, treats and bottled water.

Finally, when traveling with your pets, you want it to be a great experience for both you and your pet, so checking things ahead of time will mean less stress when you finally depart. With so many pet friendly establishments now all over the world, you and your pet should be able to have a fun time while on vacation. Lastly, remember to take a picture of your pet in case you get separated, this way you will have a photo to show people in the area you last saw him, and can find him much easier than if you didn’t have picture at all.

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